The 30/30 Wealth System
The complete guide to creating and securing long term wealth
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What Is The 30/30 Wealth System?
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30 business strategies designed to be completed over 30 Days of coaching with International Speaker and Wealth Coach, Adam Stott
Lifetime Access - Need More Time To Complete The Exercises? Take It!
 What if I told you that in 30 Days you could change your business, your life, the way you think and make decisions - and start to generate wealth through business, property or even passively?
 How about if I also told you that all you would need to do this, is commit to 10 minutes per day to completely change your wealth and get the life you truly deserve?

The 30/30 Wealth System is the tool that's going to make that happen. I am going to coach and train you directly through a series of videos, worksheets and exercises that will result in lasting changes and new growth in your business.

Now, I understand sometimes it is hard to create changes, especially on your own. I have seen it far too many times, business owners getting stuck trying to do everything on their own. But with a little bit of direction and the right accountability, they could easily turn the corner and start making their visions and dreams become a reality.

The 30/30 Wealth System will walk you through the actions you need to take and the exercises you need to complete to prepare yourself for lasting success. Having helped thousands of business owners worldwide to grow and develop their businesses, I have a process and system which I am going to share with you that will help you achieve your goals and build the business of your dreams.

I recognise that people have different desires both personally and professionally. You might want to build an empire, create more free time, improve your work-life balance whilst still raising your income, build a profit machine and generate passive income, hone your skills to take control of your businesses or make enough money never to have to worry again.

I have been able to achieve those results many times over with forward-thinking business owners and entrepreneurs like you, they have all followed my 30/30 process and have got exactly what they want after 30 days. Now it is your turn.
What Will You Be Working On Over The Next 30 Days?

Here's what we'll be going over on Days 1 to 10

Day 1: Understanding where you are right now and how to start moving forward
Day 2: How to make lightning fast progress in any new idea, project or business
Day 3: Set up for success - the groundwork you need to win
Day 4: Make more profit now by following these simple steps
Day 5: How to stay focused and win every time
Day 6: Time secrets of millionaires
Day 7: The strategist conquers the tactician - build out a winning strategy now
Day 8: How to build a personal brand that brings you clients in the masses
Day 9: Conquer your mind and never feel fear or failure again
Day 10: Build a culture that creates fans and wealth in business

this is only the first 10 days, just imagine what can be achieved in days 11-30!

business owners love the 30/30 wealth system

Christopher Clowes of HC Media Group used the 30/30 Wealth System to help him build a £1m company

(You can watch Chris' full video in the Big Business Events Members Group here)

Wahome Gitonga

 How does the coaching work?
As soon as you have signed up, you will be directed to our private login site where the lessons, exercises and worksheets are waiting for you. You simply start at day one, complete the exercise and do one new exercise everyday for 30 days and watch your business transform. P.S if you’re a super 'A Player' and want to do more than one a day, you can.

Just make sure you complete every exercise! If you miss a day, don’t worry you can take all the time you need - there are no penalities for needing more time!
 When does it start?
You get started from the moment you sign up.
 I don’t have a business; will this still work for me?
Absolutely, this program works perfectly with or without a business in place right now and it will be the perfect tool to fill you with ideas, motivation and inspiration.
 I am very advanced already, will this program work for me?
If you are already advanced, the gains you are going to see will be huge. You will find the exact science of coaching yourself, your teams and businesses to better results, so it certainly will work for you.
 I have a job; will this work for me?
If you are looking to get promoted, earn more or make yourself more valuable within your company, then this program is perfect for you. The additional skills you're going to acquire will help you stand out in any environment.
 What happens after 30 days?
Your business results will have changed. YOU HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE 30/30 Wealth System - If you wish, you can repeat the process again! We want to hear all about your success stories from this program. During the program, Adam explains how you can communicate with him directly upon completion.
Who Are You Learning From?
Yes, I Want to Be Coached By Adam!
Please note that The 30/30 Wealth System is an online digital product and not a physical product. This is so we can send the product to you instantly (even if it's 2:17am!) and offer you the lowest price around.

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